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Safety comes first

There’s no doubt that safety is our priority. We’re keeping kids safe by using quality, sturdy materials, making strong, long-lasting playsets, and by working with the most experienced installers across the country


Quality & Durable Products

The materials we use are always of the highest quality to ensure the durability of our products. Since 1992, we’ve been industry-leaders in backyard playsets, constantly in search of new, innovative engineering techniques.


Professional Service

We curate unique experiences for all our customers. From making an inquiry to having your backyard playset installed, we guarantee you an unforgettable journey. That’s just the first step before your kids start ‘making childhood memories’.

100% Cedar Construction; Sanded, Smooth Edges & Rounded Corners

We use 100% cedar wood to make our backyard playsets durable, long-lasting, and yet affordable.

Steel & Wood Ladder Rungs

Steel ladder rungs are rounded to make it easier for small hands to grab them. Wood ladders have wide steps and safety rails for sure footing.

Lag Bolt & Wood Screw Fasteners

Lag bolts and wood screws are much more secure and will never pull out like nails or staples. Just another way to guarantee your children's safety.

Heavy Duty Slides

Be a part of your kids' childhood memories by sliding with them down the slide. You can purchase a heavy-duty slide with your playset or as an add-on later on.

Plastisol-Coated Swing Chains

Plastisol is a safe coating solution used on all our swing chains to protect the metal. Plastisol coating ensures durability and can create various colors.

Heavy-Duty Swing Hangers

Using heavy-duty hangers is the most important step when installing a swing set. Safety comes first, remember?

Easy 1-2-3 Heavy Duty Bracket; Huge 4x4 and 4x6 Beams

These brackets are the strongest and easiest to use if you're building your swing set. Just slide the wood into the bracket and screw in the bolts.

Recessed Harware

We use safe recessed hardware so your kids won't injure their hands or get any of their clothing caught while having fun.
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