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Straight-Base Dreamscape

STARTING AT: $2,199.00
Retail Price: $3,299.00
You Save: $1,100.00
STARTING AT: $3,299.00SALE PRICE: $2,199.00You Save: $1,100.00

This cedar playset has two swings, a gym ring/trapeze bar, a ladder, a 10-foot wave slide and a rock-climbing wall. It’s great for backyards with limited space.

    Tent tops are included with swing set; wooden roofs incur an upgrade fee of $399.00
  • Wave slides are included with swing set; other slides incur an upgrade fee
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The Dreamscape model is a terrific swing set, especially for families who may be working with limited space. This cedar playset works on sloped and level properties alike. With two swings, a gym ring/trapeze bar, a ladder, a 10-foot wave slide, a rock-climbing wall and more, there is plenty to keep the kids busy! The swing beam is 8’6″ high and the play deck is 5’6″ high! Standard Dreamscape comes with everything you see as pictured.


  • Straight-Base Clubhouse
  • Striped or Solid Color Swing Set Canopy
  • 10′ Wave Slide
  • Built-In Access Ladder with Steel Rungs
  • Jacob’s Rope Ladder
  • Rock-Climbing Wall
  • Gym Ring/Trapeze Bar
  • Two Sling Swings
  • Jumbo Telescope
  • Steering Wheel
  • Two Pairs of Grab Handles
  • 3-Position Swing Beam


  • Footprint: 23’ x 9’
  • 100% Cedar
  • Patent-Pending Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Bracket
  • Heavy-Duty Swing Hangers
  • Plastisol Coated Swing Chains
  • Three Total Swing Positions
  • Powder Coated Steel Ladder Rungs
  • Heavy-Duty Vinyl Canopy Tent Top
  • Overall Height: 136”
  • Play Deck Height: 66”
  • Clubhouse: 39” x 55”
  • Clubhouse Standing Height: 76”
  • Clubhouse Wall Height: 32”
  • Slide: 10’ Wave
  • Rock Wall: 29” x 60” with nine rock holds
  • Access Ladder: 29” x 60” with five steel rungs
  • Jacob’s Ladder Rope: ⅝”
  • Canopy: 45” by 145 ½”
  • Swing Beam: 4″ x 6″ x 114″
  • Swing Beam Height: 102”
  • Posts: 4” x 4” x 90”


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