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Affordable & Long-Lasting Backyard Playsets For Sale

With over 12 swing set series and 70 possible backyard playset configurations, you will find the perfect outdoor jungle gym and backyard playground equipment for your family at Eastern Jungle Gym. Our wooden swing sets are safe, durable, and are priced, keeping family’s budgets in mind. No matter if you need a standard wooden swing set, a backyard playset with slides and treehouses, or swing set hardware and accessories, we can supply you with all your playground needs. Contact us today to learn more about our amazing playsets for sale!

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Up To 70 Outdoor Jungle Gym Configurations

When thinking about customizing your outdoor jungle gym, there are many different accessories Eastern Jungle Gym can provide to help make your kids’ playset the talk of the neighborhood. We provide many already configured backyard playset ideas for you to purchase like our popular Dreamscape, Supremescape, and Imagination swing sets. However, we also know that some of the fun of purchasing your backyard jungle gym is making sure it fits your unique family’s needs. That is why with all our backyard playground equipment, we offer a large selection of add-ons and accessories for your family to enjoy.

Swing set features
  • Recessed Harware
    1 Recessed Harware
  • 100% Cedar Construction; Sanded, Smooth Edges & Rounded Corners
    2 100% Cedar Construction; Sanded, Smooth Edges & Rounded Corners
  • Steel & Wood Ladder Rungs
    3 Steel & Wood Ladder Rungs
  • Lag Bold & Wood Screw Fasteners
    4 Lag Bold & Wood Screw Fasteners
  • Heavy Duty Slides
    5 Heavy Duty Slides
  • Plastisol-Coated Swing Chains
    6 Plastisol-Coated Swing Chains
  • Heavy Duty Swing Hangers
    7 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers
  • Easy 1-2-3 Heavy Duty Bracket; Huge 4x4 and 4x6 Beams
    8 Easy 1-2-3 Heavy Duty Bracket; Huge 4x4 and 4x6 Beams

Trustworthy & Durable Backyard Playground Equipment

Eastern Jungle Gym is happy to supply wooden backyard playground equipment that will grow with families for decades. With options ranging from professionally installed wooden swing sets to backyard playset hardware sets and replacement swings, we have all the components you need to turn your ordinary backyard into the outdoor oasis your kids always dreamed of.  With up to 70 different backyard playset configurations for you to choose from, we know that you won’t have trouble finding an outdoor jungle gym your family will love. Visit a dealer or call today to learn more!