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Eastern Jungle Gym Wooden Swing Sets

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Swing Set Accessories
Take a look at our wooden swing set accessories to add a new level of fun to your existing backyard playset! From baby swings to swing set hardware to replacement parts, we have it all!
Build Your Own Swing Set
Take all the guess work out of building a wooden playset with our swing set hardware kits! Perfect for the DIYer looking for their next outdoor project, these playset kits come complete with heavy duty swing set parts, hardware and instructions.
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Pick one of our exclusive outdoor swing set designs
With more than 70 swing set models to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect playset or outdoor swing set at Eastern Jungle Gym!
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Backyard Swing Set Models

Find the perfect swing set to fit your property, budget and family needs from one of our 3 series below.
Straight-Base Series
If you are looking for a cool clubhouse look, check out our Straight-Base Series.
Angled-Base Series
A tire swing is something your kids can’t live without, check out our Angled-Base Series.
Multi-Deck Series
If you are looking for a bigger model with options, these backyard swing sets have it all.
All of our backyard swing set models feature:
  1. Heavy-duty 4x4 and 4x6 100% cedar construction
  2. Our exclusive Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Swing Set Bracket
  3. Heavy-duty swing set parts and swing set accessories

You can rely on Eastern Jungle Gym for the safest, strongest, and most durable playset on the market!

Straight-Base Series
The Straight-Base Swing Set Series features a straight vertical clubhouse structure that can be added onto at any time with a built-in picnic table, a bottom playhouse or a deluxe sandbox. Models include the Dreamscape, the Dream and the Ultimate.
dreamscape outdoor wooden playset with wood roof
Sale Price Starting at $1,799
  • Smallest version of our most popular Dream Swing Set
  • Add a picnic table, bottom playhouse or sandbox under the clubhouse
  • Great for compact backyards and smaller spaces
dream backyard swing set with bottom playhouse
Sale Price Starting at $2,199
  • Our flagship backyard playset model
  • Customize with a picnic table, bottom clubhouse or sandbox add-on
  • Perfect for any size yard or play area
ultimate jungle gym with two slides
Sale Price Starting at $2,799
  • Largest version of our most-popular Dream Swing Set
  • Add an extra-large picnic table, enclosed playhouse or sandbox
  • Ideal for growing families and kids of all ages

Angled-Base Series
With a unique A-frame design, the angled-base series features a tire swing below the play deck. These swing sets are made for properties that are mainly level, but a slight slope will still work. Models include the Supremescape, the Supreme and the Extreme.
supremescape playset with gang plank ramp
Sale Price Starting at $1,899
  • Scaled down version of our popular Supreme Playset
  • Features a 3-chain tire swing under the play deck
  • Can fit in almost any backyard, no matter the size
supreme tire swing set with monkey bars
Sale Price Starting at $2,399
  • Our most popular angled base jungle gym model
  • Adds a new level of fun with a tire swing under the clubhouse
  • Great for families of all ages and sizes
extreme wood swing set with tire swing
Sale Price Starting at $3,199
  • The largest version of our very popular Supreme Playground
  • Includes a rubber tire swing under the playhouse for 360 degrees of spinning
  • A greater standing height means all family members can play

Multi-Deck Series
The Multi-Deck Series jungle gyms features a straight vertical structure, with multiple play decks. Bottom playhouses, built-in picnic tables and sandboxes are all options. Models include the Sky, the Fantasy, the Fantasy Tree House and the Imagination.
sky cedar wood swing set with spiral slide
Sale Price Starting at $3,899
  • Out most compact multi-playdeck series swing set
  • Comes with two towers, two slides, a huge wooden rock wall and more
  • A huge playset that can fit in a range of backyard spaces
fantasy outdoor jungle gym with large rock wall
Sale Price Starting at $4,999
  • Our top-selling multi-deck outdoor playground
  • Provides hours of fun with two slides, monkey bars, a tire swing and more
  • Kids of all ages can find an activity that they love
fantasy tree house backyard playset with two spiral slides
fantasy tree
Sale Price Starting at $4,999
  • Features the backyard treehouse the kids have always wanted
  • Includes a solid wood roof and chimney on the enclosed tree house
  • Allows for multiple slides and tons of swing set accessories
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Sale Price Starting at $10,999
  • The largest of our multi-clubhouse wooden playset series
  • Includes nearly all of our accessories and add-ons
  • Endless activities for family, friends and the neighbors to enjoy



Make the outdoors your kids' new favorite place and encourage physical fitness, play time, creativity and imagination! With options ranging from professionally installed cedar swing sets to high-quality play set hardware kits to replacement swings and jungle gym hardware, Eastern Jungle Gym has all of the components that you need to turn your ordinary backyard into the outdoor oasis you have always dreamed of.
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Swing Set Accessories

Shop through our variety of backyard swing sets accessories to find the perfect playset accessory for your backyard jungle gym, and a great item for new adventures in family fun! Our swing set accessories are built with high-quality materials and are designed to last year after year, use after use. Whether you are looking to add a new fun activity to your existing outdoor playground or a building a new swing structure, we have everything that you need!

DIY Hardware Packages

build your own wooden swing set

Do it Yourself Swing Set Hardware Kits

If you are looking to save money without sacrificing quality, our DIY swing set kits may be perfect for you and your family! We make building a swing set easier than ever by pre-packing all of the hardware, parts and accessories (with the exception of the tent top canopy and slides) that you need to build your very own, authentic Eastern Jungle Gym backyard playset. The only thing you need to purchase separately is the wood! These kits are available for every Eastern Jungle Gym Classic swing set model. Each kit includes complete instructions required for assembly!

Now featuring Heavy Duty Ductile Swing Hangers and Plastisol Coated Swing Chains on all Swing Set Swings!

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