Pre-Built & Custom Wooden Swing Sets For Sale

Since 1992, Eastern Jungle Gym has been creating top-rated wooden swing sets for families across the United States. We offer a wide variety of swing set designs that can easily fit both large and small yards. With fun add-ons like slides, monkey bars, and more, our kids swing sets are easy to customize to meet your unique families’ needs. If you are looking for affordable wooden swing sets for sale, contact Eastern Jungle Gym today for more information!

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Affordable & Long-Lasting Kids Swing Sets

At Eastern Jungle Gym, we know how important it is to have kids swing sets that are long-lasting and durable. With our decades of experience building, delivering, and shipping wooden swing sets, you can trust our swing set designs and playsets to last you for years to come. Some of the outdoor swing set accessories we offer are as follows:

  • High back full bucket swing
  • Jumbo telescopes
  • Monkey bars
  • Gym ring/trapeze
  • Safety handles
  • Heavy-duty tire swings
  • Multi-use playground rope
  • Plastic steering wheel
  • Wave slides
  • Super scoop slides
  • Spiral tube slide
  • Wooden step ladder/ gangplank

If you are looking to add a backyard swing set that will be fun for all members of your family, you can’t beat the offerings and prices we have here at Eastern Jungle Gym. Find a dealership near you today!

Large Selection of Swing Set Designs & Accessories

We offer many pre-built swing set designs here at Eastern Jungle Gym for those that want an easy way to pick out their kids’ swing sets.  These include the popular Straight-Base, Angled-Base, Multi-Deck, and A-Frame wooden swing sets.

Our Straight-Base kids swing sets are a great option for those with a sloped or uneven property. This wooden swing set also offers space for different activities under the play deck, like adding a sandbox, built-in picnic table, or enclosed bottom playhouse.

Our Angled-Base swing set is designed specifically for those desiring a tire swing in their kids’ playset. Keep in mind that a flatter surface is preferable for this outdoor play option.

If you are looking for kids swing set plans that are versatile and offer a lot of different options for your growing family, our Multi-Deck wooden swing sets may be for you. This large swing set can feature accessories like treehouses, spiral slides, rock walls, and more.

The final swing set design we offer at Eastern Jungle Gym is our classic A-frame wooden swing set. This is our most compact kids swing set with options for tire swings, cedar benches, and more.

As you can see, Eastern Jungle Gym is committed to offering many different swing set options to families across the United States at affordable prices. Visit our site today to customize your backyard swing set!

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If you are looking for reliable and affordable swing sets for sale, you can’t beat the offerings we have here at Eastern Jungle Gym. All our wooden swing sets are built to last and easy to maintain.  With playset dealers across the United States, we are sure you can find a swing set supplier near you. If not, we offer excellent delivery and site preparation options for all our clients. Give your children the gift of more time outside with one of our swing sets for sale. Contact us today for more information!