3 Ways to Get the Whole Family Playing Outside this Summer

Parents are their children’s biggest role models. What better way to get your children outside and immersed in nature than to do it as a family? By making time to be outside, your children will be more likely to go outdoors, get away from their devices, and play on their own. Here’s three fun and engaging activities you can do as a family to get your children playing outside this summer.

1. Catch Fireflies at Night

Ahhhh, summer! One of the best things about summertime is the blissful nights that bring in those twinkly, almost magical little bugs we call fireflies or lightning bugs. On a nice summer night, corral the family to go out and watch the fireflies float around and light up. You can even get a few extra jars together and go on a lightning bug hunt. See how many fireflies the family can catch and put them in the jars with breathable tops as temporary lanterns. At the end of the night, take the tops off and set the jars out so the fireflies can fly free.

2. Take Walks Together

Rain or shine, getting your family outside for a nice walk can be really fun. Take this walk a step further and find a nice trail or country road to walk in the morning or evening. Recap everyone’s day by asking for a high (something good that happened) and a low (something not good that might have happened). Use this time to get closer as a family and interact together.

If the weather seems a little gloomy, slip on your rain boots and rain jackets to jump in the puddles as you make your way around the neighborhood! The kids will love splashing in the puddles as they walk. This is even a good way for mom and dad to get a little stress-free time, too!

3. Play Creative Games on the Playset

Don’t forget about that fun backyard playset you have, either! Your playset can be used all year long in so many different ways.

Have a blast swinging on the swings! Take a twist on the classic game of Hide and Seek. Swing your child, tell them to close their eyes and count to 20 as they swing. Go hide in the meantime and when they are done counting, have them come find you! This is a great game to play with children of any age.

Help your children create childhood memories on the playset by pretending it’s a pirate ship! Have someone play the captain and steer the boat while the rest of the family plays the crew. A few other fun games you can play are Red Light Green Light, Mother May I, and Simon Says. Always remind your children how to play safe on the swing set and refresh any visitors of the rules you may have.

Don’t let the speed of summer make your family forget what it’s like to have fun the old fashioned way! Take advantage of the extra free time your children have this summer and enjoy the outdoors with these three simple activities. In need of a swing set? Shop our selection of wooden playsets!