You Could Win!

Eastern Jungle Gym has been so excited for their new monthly social media contests. It has been a great new way to connect with our community. The contests are being hosted on either Facebook or Instagram but are announced and advertised on both.

Facebook has been the host of the first two contests we have hosted. We had the first one was for Valentines day back in February and we asked our Facebook community to guess how many Valentines Day colored M&Ms were in a jar. We had over a hundred people enter the contest and there were a lot of close guesses. A very lovely grandmother in New York guessed the closest and won a sling swing for her grandson who loved to swing at grandma’s house. Seeing the response of excitement from our followers really resonated with us and we wanted to give people the opportunity to play again!

The second Facebook contest was in June and we asked our community which accessory they liked best; a dinner bell, tic-tac-toe panel board, or net swing. Not only did we get an incredible response from our community at the prospect of our 3 new accessories, but with their help we were able to put into motion the order of net swings to our product line! Our winner was chosen at random on Facebook Live and won a net swing for her daughters.

These contests have been so much fun for the staff who love sending out the prizes to families with very excited children. They’ve been an amazing opportunity to connect with our community via social media. We want to hear about what accessories our customers want us to carry, which swing sets they like the most, and any areas for improvement that they may see. We want to create a transparency between our business and the people who put their trust in the safety and durability of our products.

We are so excited for this new, fun way of reaching out and building a strong, safe community for parents. Make sure to check on our Instagram and Facebook page for more contests, tips, blog posts, and how-to videos!

If you have any ideas or suggestion of fun contests please message us on Facebook!