Swing Set Mulch: The Best Play Area Surfacing

Swing Set Mulch: A Safe, Long-Lasting Surfacing Option

For parents interested in buying a backyard jungle gym, swing set mulch is typically an afterthought. Moms and dads typically see safety features and construction as the two biggest deciding factors (rightly so!). But swing set surfacing — which parents often overlook because it exists outside the jungle gym– is one of the most important aspects of playground safety.

The Recommendations

Jungle gyms need a shock-absorbing surface so that children have a safe place to run, jump and play. They should never be installed on concrete or asphalt. During our 25 years’ of experience, we have installed plenty of jungle gyms on grass. Still, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends using one of the following: wood mulch, chips, shredded rubber (mulch), sand or pea gravel. Our favorite of these options is rubber mulch.

Why We Love Swing Set Mulch: 5 Reasons

  • It’s eco-friendly. Rubber mulch is an environmentally responsible choice, as it is made — in the USA — from recycled tires.
  • It’s long-lasting. Unlike wood mulch, sand or gravel, swing set mulch is made of rubber, so it has a nice weight to it. That means it is less likely to float or fly away. It also need to be replenished less often than other surfacing materials.
  • It’s available in five colors. Whether you want to go natural, neutral or bright, there’s a rubber mulch shade for your backyard. Or allow your child to choose as a way to customize his or her jungle gym. Color options include black, forest green, cocoa brown, royal blue and red.
  • It drains well. Swing Set mulch does not retain moisture. Plus, it dries quickly, so the kids can get back out to their jungle gym after the rain passes.
  • Pests are not a problem. Unlike other surfacing options, swing set mulch does not attract vermin, insects, bugs or termites.


On top of all that, swing set mulch is recognized by experts for its safety. Click here to learn more about rubber swing set mulch, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!