Does Your Painted Swing Set Look Old? Time For A Swing Set Makeover!

Is your backyard painted swing set looking a bit faded? Does it look grungy? Over time, your wooden swing set does take a battering from the heat of the sun and from getting soaked with rain, sleet, or snow. Frequent use can cause some scuffing and scratching- just all-around wear and tear. 

If your painted swing set looks a bit less inviting than when you first set it up, it’s time for a swing set makeover! 

With spring right around the corner, a DIY swing set makeover can be a fun outdoor maintenance project. It’s not as difficult as it might sound. Here at Eastern Jungle Gym, we have plenty of tips and guidance to help you take care of your swing sets so your kids can be active and have fun in a safe and exciting environment. You could keep it simple and paint your swing set just to refresh it.  You might want to try and test your creativity beyond painting a wooden swing set and decide to do a full swing set makeover. 

In this blog, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to know about painting a wooden swing set as well as ideas for a complete swing set makeover.

Painting a wooden swing set: A step-by-step guide

To start with, create a plan to make your project more enjoyable. Ensure you have the tools and paint you need and before you tackle your swing set makeover, give some thought to what you will need and how you will go about it. Can you complete the project in a weekend, or do you prefer to devote a few hours daily, over several days? What materials do you need?  If your swing set has a canopy for sun protection how will it look with your freshly painted swing set? If the canopy is faded, you may want to replace it.

  1. Choose the right paint 🖌

Plan to use two coats of a paint that is formulated for exteriors. Most well-known paint manufacturers will have a selection of exterior paints for you to choose from. Some even offer UV-protection to combat fading. Look for an exterior primer as it offers an extra layer of protection and helps you apply the exterior paint smoothly. It will also give your paint a long-lasting effect. In terms of color, will you paint your wooden swing set with a brand new color or will you just refresh the original one?

  1. Power wash 💧

Before painting a wooden swing set you have to clean the surface. Using a power washer will slough off dirt and debris quickly and effectively.  Be sure to use it on any of the plastic accessories attached to your painted swing set to refresh those as well.

  1. Sand and scrape 🛠

Walk around your painted wooden swing set and look for any rough spots and areas where old paint is peeling. Sand down and scrape off those areas. You’ll be able to apply your primer and paint evenly.

painted swing set

Swing set makeover ideas

If you’re up for a more challenging project, why not go for a full swing set makeover rather than a paint refresh? You can find several inspiring ideas on Pinterest, but we’ve gathered a few for you here!

  • Pick a Color, Bold to Bright

Who says you should stick to one color when painting your wooden swing set?  What about TWO colors in alternating stripes?  Or choose one as a base color and then paint an all-over design of geometric shapes in a second, complementary color.  

  • Pick a swing set makeover theme

Themed swing set makeovers can be incredibly fun! Turn your swing set into a pirate ship by adding some skull and crossbones flags or paint them on. 🏴‍☠️️ 

If your kid loves trucks or fire engines, how about some bright yellow and red paint? 🚒 

The ideas are endless, from a zoo theme to a fairy house, you can choose one based on your children’s interests. Adding some fun add-ons will take your swing set theme to a whole new level. 

  • Selecting your swing set accessories

Think about adding some new features to encourage active play such as wall-climbing holds or knotted/webbed climbing ropes.

  • For your young firefighters and truckers, why not add our Green or Yellow Plastic Steering Wheel? 
  • How about some awesome sound effects with our Dinner Bell?
  • A climbing rope is exactly what young heroes need to shimmy down on their way to rescues!
  • If you’re going for a circus-themed swing set, our Gym Ring/Trapeze Bar Combo, is just what you need.
  • A set of monkey bars are a great fitness challenge you or your kids can take on!

These are all great ways for your kids to get some exercise while having fun playing outside. 

Don’t forget about adding or replacing a canopy that color coordinates with the new paint.  Adding a canopy not only provides kids with some shaded area to play in but can also offer some protection for painted swings sets from the heat of the sun and winter damage. 

  • Safety comes first

The ground around your swing set should always be safe for your kids. Assess how it is holding up and decide if additional protective materials are needed or if you want to change the material to better coordinate with the new look. Do you need to add more shredded bark mulch? Maybe shredded rubber would look (and feel) better?

Our top tips for a successful swing set makeover

A DIY swing set makeover doesn’t have to be a daunting project. With a little preparation, it can be a lot of fun.  Here are our tips:

  • Estimate how much time you need

Will you need an entire weekend?  Or do you want to do it a little at a time over a week?  Will you have some extra hands to help?  Getting some of your friends to help you will add to the fun.  Plan what will get down when you have extra help and what you can do by yourself.

  • Check the weather

Once you know approximately how long the project will take, check the weather. You need nice weather throughout the time you’ll be working on your makeover.

  • Prepare your tools

Like any other home maintenance or improvement project, make sure you have all the materials and tools required. You’ll definitely need:

  • paint
  • brushes
  • sandpaper
  • scrapers
  • stencils
  • spray paint

However, it’s always worth cross-checking with your makeover plan checklist! 

A swing set makeover now and then can help you keep your swing set well-maintained and nice-looking for years. Adding extra features will keep your kids entertained and you can always replace them if their interests change throughout the years.

Think of your swing set as a memory maker for your kids and a safe place for them to stay fit, healthy, and happy at home.