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    Are you DIY-ing your wooden swing set? Then you’re going to need swing set hardware to complete the project! At Eastern Jungle Gym, we have everything you need to build fun, safe, and sturdy play environments for the kids you love. Here you will find all of the playset hardware, including swing set brackets, safety handles, swing hangers, and much more to construct the perfect play area. Swing set hardware from Eastern Jungle Gym is made from top-quality materials and are guaranteed to be durable. With our company, feel confident that your swing set hardware and brackets will last you for years to come!

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    Secure Swing Set Brackets for Your Playset Design

    When you custom build your own wooden swing set, you become the hero for your kids. Secure swing set brackets and other hardware options give you the flexibility to choose the size, color, design, and layout of your wooden swing set. With the possibility of creating your own design or building an existing swing set, you can truly make the ultimate imaginative space for your children!

    Eastern Jungle Gym has everything needed to make this possible, including swing brackets, swing hangers, safety handles, and other playset hardware. Shop online for individual, heavy-duty playset parts that complete your set.

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    Playground Safety Products That Won’t Let You Down

    Whether you’re expanding your current playset or creating a brand new one, Eastern Jungle Gym has the playground safety features to ensure it’s a safe place to play. Below are just a few of the dependable accessories we have for sale:

    • A-frame swing set bracket kit
    • Safety handles & grab handles
    • Rock wall handholds
    • Swing hangers & fasteners
    • Metal swing set hardware
    • Snap hooks
    • Tire swivel mounting playset hardware

    Regardless of the type of playset you’re building, you can find the best parts here. Purchase individual swing hanger components or entire swing set bracket kits. Eastern Jungle Gym can get you some of the best prices on the market because we are a dealer. See just how affordable our playset hardware is by shopping below!

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    Eastern Jungle Gym has been in business since 1992, ever since two brothers established the company with a vision for swing set offerings. The ever-present growing demand for swing set hardware and playground safety knowledge has helped catapult our brand’s success. Paired with our top of the line swing set brackets and playset hardware, our New York based company is one of the most reliable on the East Coast!

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