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The Largest Selection of Swing Set Accessories In New York & Connecticut

Easily customize your outdoor swing set or playset with the large selection of swing set accessories available at Eastern Jungle Gym. We provide everything you need to make your child’s swing set unique, from swing set attachments to wooden-add-ons, hardware, slides, swings, and more. All our playset accessories are made with heavy-duty materials to ensure lasting quality and family fun for years to come. Check out all the swing set accessories we offer below and get started customizing your new jungle gym!

Safe & Fun Swing Set Attachments

Eastern Jungle Gym has been in business for decades, so we know what is needed to take a child’s swing set from good to great. We offer safe and reliable swing set attachments that will grow with your family. And, because we sell DIY swing sets, all these swing set attachments and other playset accessories can be installed by yourself or with our team’s help. Our swing set accessories can be just for fun, like monkey bars, trapeze rings, and ladders, or be for safety with our grab handles and swing set brackets. No matter if you want a small ship’s wheel to jumpstart your child’s imagination or a new wooden clubhouse, Eastern Jungle Gym has all the swing set attachments and accessories you need. Shop all our great products online today!

Easy-to-Install Playset Accessories

At Eastern Jungle Gym, we know that no outdoor jungle gym is complete without playset accessories. That is why we are dedicated to constantly providing and expanding our line of playground product accessories that can grow with your children. We are committed to providing safe products that will withstand seasonal weather, normal wear and tear, and outdoor elements. Incorporate wooden add-ons like clubhouses and ladders, or shop for new deluxe swings, turbo slides, tire swings, and more. All our playset accessories have the option to purchase hardware so that you can put up your new swing set attachment entirely on your own. If you want to save money while also elevating your kid’s outdoor swing set, Eastern Jungle Gym is your solution. Find a dealer near you to see our outdoor playset accessories up close and personal!

Shop Our Swing Set Accessories Online Today!

As you can see, Eastern Jungle Gym takes our outdoor jungle gyms and outdoor swing set accessories very seriously. If you are interested in any of our popular swing set models or playsets, we can easily add any of the swing set attachments you see above to your project. We always give you the power to choose if you would like to DIY your own swing set and accessories or get help from our team. Our playset installers can travel throughout New York and Connecticut to deliver and assemble your new jungle gym or swing set. You can trust Eastern Jungle Gym to always create products with your children’s best interests and safety in mind. Shop our large selection of swing set accessories today and make your child’s jungle gym the talk of the neighborhood!

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