Wooden Swing Set Hardware

If you’re looking for a fun project to work on for the family, we highly recommend building your own swing set using our swing set hardware and parts! You have the flexibility to choose the size, color, design, type of wood, layout, and more. It can be a great bonding activity for your family—both designing and building—and it can also be exciting to create something from scratch using your own two hands. You can build something you custom-designed or even add on to an existing swing set to make the ultimate swing set for your kids! Each of our swing set parts is made from the top-notch parts and are guaranteed to be durable and keep everyone safe. You won’t have to constantly replace your parts or rebuild anything. With the Eastern Jungle Gym brand, you can trust that everything we sell is only the highest quality, and will absolutely promote the safety of your kids during playtime.

This is where you will find all the swing set hardware and parts necessary to build the backyard playground of your child’s dreams! Shop for individual playset parts that include heavy-duty ductile swing hangers, tire swivels, our revolutionary Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Bracket, lag bolts and washers, and much more. We also carry the hardware and parts needed to build your very own set of monkey bars or a new swing set ladder. Expand on your current playground or build your very own — with our products, anything is possible! Find a dealer today!