Play Slides: 5 Things to Know

For most children, the slide is the most exciting part of the swing set. Even for adults, zipping down the slide is an exhilarating and enjoyable moment that brings us back to childhood. Whether you’re shopping for a swing set or going the DIY route, we recommend learning about the different types of play slides available. Gaining this knowledge will allow you to pick the right slide for your family.

Here are five things we think you should know when searching for play slides:

  1. There is no standard size. If you enjoy shopping online, do remember to look beyond the photos and check out the specs. Two similar looking swing sets may appear to have play slides that are the same length, but in reality, one may be 10 feet long while another is 12 or 14. The same goes for spiral tube slides, which come in a variety of sizes too. But remember to plan for the future. The kids will outgrow a toddler slide sooner than you think!
  2. There are a few safety factors to consider. When it comes to your child’s wellbeing, we suggest choosing a slide with high side walls. This is especially important if you have small children (don’t forget about cousins and neighbors) playing on the swing set.
  3. Not all slides are created equally. For starters, different styles of play slides offer different assembly methods. Here at Eastern Jungle Gym, wave slides come with our compact to mid-sized residential swing sets. Our larger playsets often incorporate scoop slides, with double-wall construction. That feature is one of a few that makes them similar to commercial grade units. Wave and scoop slides offer different rides, so if possible, we advise letting the kids try both before deciding.
  4. Color is your choice. We often hear customers wonder if one color will retain less heat than another. In our 24 years’ of experience, we’ve seen that the heat difference between colors is negligible. Choose whichever colors will look best in your backyard! If you are concerned about heat, try to find a playset spot that is shady at least part of the day.
  5. Two is better than one! Having two play slides on your swing set really does double the fun. Whether they are two of the same or one is open and one is a spiral tube slide, this is the one activity that kids are always vying for.  If your swing set simply cannot accommodate a second slide, simply swap out the old one for a new unit. The installation process is fairly simple, so you can go back and forth easily, depending on the kids’ preference.

Play slides are the crown jewel of any backyard swing sets, so do your research and find the right one. The kids will get years of use — and countless childhood memories —  out of a high quality, age-appropriate slide.