Make Going Back to School Easy

Are you nervous about the kids going back to school? Are you worried about how the kids will handle change and a new routine? You don’t have to stress anymore because back to school doesn’t have to be intimating.

Practice your back to school morning routine a week in advance. It might seem a little silly but for younger kids a sudden change from a summer routine to a school routine can be overwhelming. A week or so before school starts practice waking up, getting ready, and prepping for school. This will set children up for success because they will know what to expect each morning. It also helps parents practice time management. If you have pets, it is also a great time to get a new routine for the pets. After school make sure the kids get some outdoor playtime to burn off their energy.

If your child brings their lunch to school with them, make lunches together! It is a great bonding experience and encourages responsibility. Making lunches together is a great opportunity to teach healthy eating. Using colorful fruits and vegetables can be very visually appealing especially if you take taste tastes as you pack together. Learn about new foods, get silly, and enjoy this easy activity with your kiddos. Packing lunches in the evening also helps with reducing time needed in the morning to pack lunches. Mornings can be hectic and having lunches already packed will save you time, energy, and possibly, your sanity!

Pick out clothes the night before. Assist your child with picking out two outfits the night before so they have easy options in the morning. This will help prevent morning meltdowns, and save you a lot of time with indecision. Picking out clothes together also encourages independence and can help kids feel proud of themselves and their decisions. If you have a little one who doesn’t like to get dressed, put on a short sing-along song and make putting on clothes a game. See if they can get their clothes on before the end of the song

Practice some worksheets at night to emulate homework. They don’t have to be hard but there are plenty of free spelling, history, English and math sheets online that can help practice study skills. Getting this good habit in practice before school starts can really help set up the kids for success. Start with just 5 minutes and slowly build up from there. Routine is so important for children and getting them used to spending designated time every evening on homework will help prevent future meltdowns and resistance.

Give yourself permission to not be perfect. You will mess up, you will be late, you will feel like you can’t do it, but you can. Each child will handle back to school differently, and age will play a huge part. It is okay to carve out time just for you to take some deep breaths. You deserve to take time for yourself for some quiet time. You are only at your top performance when you are rested, relaxed, and feeling strong.