Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

Most parents struggle with getting their kids outside and active. In this day-and-age screens can take up a lot of our children’s time. It doesn’t have to be a battle every time you want your kids to get some Vitamin D. Here are some easy ways to make outside time fun, exciting, for you and the kids. Keep your kids busy this summer with these fun ideas!

Create an Obstacle Course: These are fun and easy ways to get kids excited about going outside. You can even use your swing set as part of an obstacle course. The kids can swing, climb, slide, and run around your swing set as they complete their tasks as quickly as possible. The benefits of this type of activity is that it is mental and physical. It is a great way to tire out the kiddos before some quiet time. It is also a great activity because it gets the parents involved in helping come up with a set of tasks the kids need to participate in. Everyone gets to play and everyone gets to have fun! Invite the  neighbors over and make it an afternoon of outdoor fun!

Water Fun: It is no secret kids love to play in the water. Whether it is a sprinkler, plastic pool or in-ground pool, most kids love to experience splashing around. If you don’t have your own pool and the sprinkler has gotten boring, there is another option! Take your garden hose and place it on the top of your swing set slide and BOOM – water slide!* Now your kids have a whole new set of games they can play with their own personal backyard water slide. Add the water slide into an obstacle course for even more fun! If you don’t have a swing set you can put ice cubes on your trampoline and let the kid jump around trying to avoid touching the ice cubes!

Treasure Hunt: Kids love a good treasure hunt! There are free treasure hunt ideas online or you can spend a little time making your own. A treasure hunt keeps your kids thinking and problem solving as they follow your clues around the yard. You can customize the treasure hunt to fit your child’s unique skills, likes and dislikes. A treasure hunt is an easy fun way to keep your kids busy this summer.

Now getting your kids outside and busy this summer isn’t as hard as you thought it would be! There are so many free and easy outdoor activities that can keep the kids entertained, so grab your mom-cocktail and sit back and watch!

*When using your slide as a water slide please use precautions for safety by: monitoring the speed the kids are sliding, put something soft at the bottom of the slide so they have a soft landing, and make sure any water sliding has an adult overseeing the fun!