How To Be Safe and Have Fun this Halloween

Lots of parents have memories of running up and down their neighborhood knocking on doors and getting candy for Halloween. Although the basics of Halloween are still there, it is also important to make sure to stay safe this Halloween season. Here are some tips for a super safe, super fun Halloween with the kids!

  1. Don’t spend a fortune on costumes. Yes we know there are so many fun costumes available online or in stores, but making your own costume with your kids will leave you with so many more memories. You can get creative, make an afternoon out of it, and save lots of money. Costumes are usually only worn for a few hours so spending a ton of money on a costume can end up being a loss. If you are planning to host any type of party making your kids their costumes is an easy way to save so that you can buy other things for your party.
  2. Eat Before Trick-Or-Treating can save on hours of belly aches and bedtime sugar highs. Before the kids go out for an evening of candy fill them up on dinner first. Pizza with a side salad, or a veggie tray can all help offset the onset of sweets to come. Also encouraging for the kids to drink lots of water will not only help with hydration, but it will help fill them up. A full belly will be less likely to overindulge on candy and therefore less likely to get sick later on.
  3. If you have young kids or you are doing Halloween for the first time, do a dry run. A few days before the official Trick-or-Treating begins, take the kids up and down the neighborhood you will be doing on Halloween night. This gives the kids an idea of their surrounds and help lay the ground for expectations. This really encourages safety and you can pick a safety meet up spot incase you and the kids get separated later on.
  4.  Another safety rule can be to not eat any candy until you are back at home. This way you can go through the candy with your kids and pull out anything open, anything not in a wrapper, or anything suspicious. This gives you full control over what your kids have access too. It also helps with control over how much candy they will eat. If your kids are nibbling on candy as they walk around you might not know how much candy they are really eating.
  5. How can parents survive handing out candy this Halloween season? Buy candy you don’t like to hand out to the kids! If you like Snickers and Milkyway candy bars, then buy Almond Joy or Skittles. When you buy candy that you aren’t necessarily a fan of, it is so much easier to say no. This trick makes it easy to not snack on the candy your bought for the kids who come to your door. Instead take a few pieces of your favorite candy out of your kids bag after they go to bed and enjoy the fact that you survived Trick-or-Treating!