50 Halloween Activities For Kids We’re Sure They’ll Love

As we head into the throes of fall, it’s time to think about some fun Halloween activities for kids.

We know you’ve probably made plans for the local “trick or treat” festivities and have spent way too much time agonizing over the perfect costume for each kid. But, isn’t that part of the fun? (potentially a rhetorical question)

One thing we’ve learned a while ago is that while Halloween is one day on the calendar, and typically one week of the year in general, you can celebrate for as long as you and the family would like. There are plenty of fun Halloween activities for kids at home, too! 

Make it the Halloween Season, we say. This is your permission to dress up, eat candy, make some apple cider and enjoy the spookiest time of year for the entire month of October (and beyond, if you’re really getting into it). 

We’ll admit: some of our 50 – yes, 50 – ideas contained in this blog are just things we’d like to do in our spare time around Halloween. Some of them might require a little imagination and a bit of work, but that’s why the mind is such a beautiful thing. After combing through our comprehensive list of fun Halloween activities for kids, maybe you’ll find some inspiration to put a unique twist on some of them or generate some completely new activities of your own.

Either way, we think you’ll enjoy this list. Ready to dig in?

Pumpkin painting 

Who doesn’t love a classic? This is a great Halloween activity for kids and parents alike; get creative, have a family contest, and then show ‘em off on the front porch!

Pumpkin carving 

Are you the hands-on, industrious type? The ole Jack-o-Lantern carving gets everyone involved and lets the kids unleash their imaginations.

pumpkin painting

Costumes for parents 

Let the kids decide how you’re going to look for trick or treat or your annual Halloween party. That way, you’ll have an excuse.

Candy selection draft 

Move over, fantasy football draft. Get the family together for a clever Halloween activity at home – choosing which candy you’ll be offering to the neighborhood.

Candy apple making 

Fire up the Pinterest machine and find the best recipe – and there are plenty that let the little ones take part, too.

Cider brewing 

Again, the internet is a gold mine for good recipes (even some weird ones, if you want to get a bit adventurous along the way).

Toothpick structures 

All you need here is some sticky candy (those circus peanuts have no other use, right?) and toothpicks. Got both laying around? Let the kids build some fun creations and see what they come up with.

Arts and crafts time! 

Construction paper, some glue, and other fun things you find at the local crafts store will capture the kids’ attention for hours. And you can display their work on the fridge, around the house or send them to school for show and tell.

Tell the stories of your candy 

Another creative and fun Halloween activity for kids here – and a personal favorite of the Eastern Jungle Gym team. Pick a few candies and have the family make up the background of each one…this can get interesting.

Tell spooky stories 

There’s no better time of year to bust this one out. If you don’t want the children to get a good night’s sleep, go for it. Just lay off the “ghosts in the house” one, because it’s still traumatizing us after all these years.

Read Halloween-themed books 

Who said reading assignments are just for school? Not us. Head to the local library and find some fun (or scary) books to read and have the family vote on their favorites.

Halloween sidewalk chalk art 

What better way to welcome the neighbors to your Halloween party or trick or treat night than with a perfectly-themed driveway or sidewalk? This is a great way to get into the spirit of the season and get the benefits of outdoor play.

Halloween candy experiments 

We fondly remember this Halloween activity from our childhoods. Here’s a handy link for all kinds of experiments the kids can tackle with household items and, of course, Halloween candy.

Candy corn tasting 

Not everyone loves candy corn, but those who don’t, well…we think they’re just wrong. There are countless varieties of Halloween candy corn these days. Pick a few from the store and judge them with the kids!

Halloween decorating 

Again, a great and fun Halloween activity for the kids. Getting the house into the spirit will only add to the excitement for the big day. 

Prank the kids 

Keep ‘em on their toes, parents. There are plenty of ways to scare the kids out of their shoes, whether it’s pop-up fake fingers around the house, fake snakes, or just doing the classic “jump out from behind the door as they’re getting ready to leave for trick or treating.” 

Prank the neighbors 

A fantastic way to endear yourself to the folks in the ‘hood, if you ask us. A Halloween surprise here and there is always fun, but make sure you don’t freak people out too much. Not that we’re speaking from experience or anything.

“I Spy,” Halloween style 

Make a list of things you want the kids to find on their Halloween jaunt around the neighborhood, and see who can track down the most. The winner gets candy. 

Halloween-themed scavenger hunt 

Want some quiet time during a nonstop week of costumes, parties and candy-tossing? This Halloween activity is fun for kids and parents, and you may not see the little ones for a few hours.

Find your way out of a corn maze 

You’ll have to leave the house for this one, or maybe not…if you live on a farm and have a lot of time on your hands. Kids love corn mazes and the challenge of getting to the finish line.

Apple picking for all 

It doesn’t get any more “classic fall” than this, now does it?bag of apples

Make slime with the kids 

We loved slime when we were younger. Now you can make it fun for your kids, too.

Halloween baking 

There will be plenty of Halloween cookies and treats for you and your family, and also some to share with friends and family (if you choose).

Pumpkin patch! 

Another timeless Halloween classic. This one’s probably required to do some of the activities listed above.

DIY Halloween costumes 

Want to get real creative? Craft costumes using items you have at home (no cheating). This is a fun Halloween activity for kids as they’ll get into it, too.

Halloween movie marathon 

Find your favorite flicks, ask the kids for their opinion…then watch them all together.

Let the kids plan the party 

Halloween is a communal time, so a get together with friends or neighbors is a great idea. Let the kids craft the invitations, plan the snacks and more.

Candy swap 

OK, so we can’t call it “stealing”….but swapping out a neighbor’s candy for something less desirable is always a ton of fun.

Fake Halloween candy 

Oh, you thought you were getting a few Snickers to take home? Try again, pal.

Jokingly-healthified Halloween 

Because you know the neighbors’ kids could use an English cucumber or a freshly-picked yellow onion. 

Tell ‘em it’s tomorrow 

A fun Halloween activity for kids is to have them tell approaching neighbors and other trick-or-treaters that they have the wrong day. Then, look at their faces.

Dress up the pets

dog dressed as ghostThere’s nothing better than seeing the angry face of a dog who’s sandwiched into a hilarious costume, and hates every second of it.

Mummify your kids

The toilet paper shortage is over, right? Ok, then do this.

Pumpkin toss 

A Halloween activity for kids that’s way more fun for parents is to have your kids (the next day) see how far they can chuck your pumpkins. Just not into the street, please.

Trunk or treat

Pop the trunk, stuff it with a ton of candy and maybe some random surprise items, and let the visitors pick their favorite. They get one chance, though (no cheating).

Invisible messages 

This is great if you have multiple kids. One of them dips their finger into dish soap and writes a scary message on the bathroom mirror. Chaos ensues.

Reverse trick-or-treating 

This will catch anyone by surprise. Have your kids approach the house, and instead of receiving candy, dump some candy into the host’s bowl and walk away. 

Eyeball ice cubes 

Another oldie, but a goodie. The kids will love this, too, if you have guests over. Have them put a candy eyeball into the ice tray and freeze it. Always watching.

Candy jar guessing game 

To the winner goes all the spoils (and stomach issues).

Candy wreaths

Had too much candy? Arrange spare candy boxes into a wreath, glue them together, and decorate the front door. Your kids may not be too happy, though.

Haunted house, in your house 

There are so many possibilities and with that, comes enormous responsibility to scare the daylights out of your kids and visitors.

Craft your own mask 

Once again, the imagination can go absolutely wild here. 

The old “leaf blower” trick 

You know it’s a leaf blower, but the kids have seen too many scary movies to know the difference.

Red balloons in the sewer 

Come on, you’ve seen the movie.

Put Alexa or Siri to work 

She can send spooky messages whenever your kids decide. This will also keep them busy and on their toes.

Apple cider chugging 

It’s like what you did in college, but your kids can take part.

Go to a haunted house 

Yeah, you’ll wait in line forever but the looks on your kids’ faces will totally be worth it.

haunted house

Ghost hunting with kids 

Tell them where the ghosts are, then go find them. Spoiler: the ghost will be you, hiding somewhere.

Halloween karaoke 

Everyone sounds great after a few Twizzlers. 

Halloween manicures

A fun, and perhaps much-needed, Halloween activity for kids and parents.


Well, friends, if this doesn’t give you the inspiration needed for an interesting and creative Halloween celebration with your kids, family and neighbors…we’re out of ideas (officially).