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Classic Wooden Tire Swing

Eastern Jungle Gym DIY Swing Set Kits
Looking for an easy-to-build A-Frame playset for your backyard? Look no further than the Classic swing set from Eastern Jungle Gym! The Classic Hardware Kit includes everything you need to build your very own free-standing swing set in your backyard. The only thing you need to purchase separately is the wood! Choose from the Classic swing set with a tire swing or a Classic swing set with two sling swings and a gym ring/trapeze bar combo.

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  • Classic Cedar Swing Set Hardware Kit

    If you are the type who prefers doing it yourself or building your own stuff, our cedar swing set hardware kit is perfect for you! Complete with swings, bolts, screws, chains, attachment pieces, and everything you need to assemble—minus the wood—you can easily assembly your own swing set using cedar, or whatever type of wood that you might prefer. Our kit... Learn More

    Retail Price: $399.00

    Factory Direct Sale: $279.00

    You Save: $120.00

  • Classic Wooden Tire Swing Hardware Kit

    The Classic A-Frame Tire Swing Hardware Kit comes with all the hardware and instructions you need to build your own freestanding tire swing. This Do-It-Yourself Kit comes complete with a 3-Chain Tire Swing, tire swivel, tire eye hooks, two Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Swing Set Brackets, assembly hardware and instructions. The Easy 1-2-3 Bracket System makes it easy and simple to... Learn More

    Retail Price: $389.00

    Factory Direct Sale: $219.00

    You Save: $170.00

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