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  • Giving the Gift of a Swing Set

    Ways to Give Your Child the Gift of a Swing Set

    Children love to unleash their imagination and enjoy playtime with a swing set! Giving the gift of a playset is a wonderful way to encourage physical activity for children. Plus, swing sets are a gift that never goes out of style, especially in comparison to other toys! Children can use them to play with family and friends for many years to come. 

    1. Giving the Gift of a Swing Set for Birthdays

    There are a variety of ways swing sets can be presented as a birthday gift for your child. One of the ways to approach giving this gift is by presenting your child with a playset prior to their birthday and hosting a birthday party around the playset so they are able to use the toy immediately.

    Depending on the price of the set, and the budget for your child’s gift, this toy could be presented as a birthday present for the next two or three years. Or, if your children's birthdays are in the same season, you could give the playset as a combined gift.

    2. Surprising Children with a Swing Set from Santa for Christmas

    We also love the idea of presenting the swing set as a Christmas gift. Incorporate the holidays into your gift giving by presenting this toy as a special present from Santa. This will make your child’s holiday extra special! Simply have the kids bundle up and head outside instead of down to the Christmas tree. Just be sure to keep the kids away from the backyard the week prior! We recommend planning alternative activities -- such as cookie baking and ornament-making -- for that week.

    3. Rewarding Positive Behavior During the School Year with a Swing Set

    If your child had a particularly difficult year with school or achieved a goal or new academic milestone, consider presenting them with a swing set to reward their hard work! Giving this gift to your child during the end of the year is ideal as they will be able to play with friends and enjoy this playset in the outdoors all summer long! Another option is to present the gift as a motivator. For example, if you give the kids a swing set part way through the year, you can use it for daily positive reinforcement. Playing on the swing set could be a daily reward for completing homework or other assignments.

    The Bottom Line

    The swing set is a present you can continuing adding to by gifting your child with new accessories for future birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. From adding a new clubhouse toy to upgrading a swing, there are plenty of ways to update a playset

    Do you have a unique story about how you gave the gift of a swing set to your child? Post a comment or photo on our Facebook page to share your experience!

  • Swing Set Mulch: The Best Play Area Surfacing

    Swing Set Mulch: A Safe, Long-Lasting Surfacing Option

    For parents interested in buying a backyard jungle gym, swing set mulch is typically an afterthought. Moms and dads typically see safety features and construction as the two biggest deciding factors (rightly so!). But swing set surfacing -- which parents often overlook because it exists outside the jungle gym-- is one of the most important aspects of playground safety.

    The Recommendations

    Jungle gyms need a shock-absorbing surface so that children have a safe place to run, jump and play. They should never be installed on concrete or asphalt. During our 25 years' of experience, we have installed plenty of jungle gyms on grass. Still, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends using one of the following: wood mulch, chips, shredded rubber (mulch), sand or pea gravel. Our favorite of these options is rubber mulch.

    Why We Love Swing Set Mulch: 5 Reasons

    • It's eco-friendly. Rubber mulch is an environmentally responsible choice, as it is made -- in the USA -- from recycled tires.
    • It's long-lasting. Unlike wood mulch, sand or gravel, swing set mulch is made of rubber, so it has a nice weight to it. That means it is less likely to float or fly away. It also need to be replenished less often than other surfacing materials.
    • It's available in five colors. Whether you want to go natural, neutral or bright, there's a rubber mulch shade for your backyard. Or allow your child to choose as a way to customize his or her jungle gym. Color options include black, forest green, cocoa brown, royal blue and red.
    • It drains well. Swing Set mulch does not retain moisture. Plus, it dries quickly, so the kids can get back out to their jungle gym after the rain passes.
    • Pests are not a problem. Unlike other surfacing options, swing set mulch does not attract vermin, insects, bugs or termites.


    On top of all that, swing set mulch is recognized by experts for its safety. Click here to learn more about rubber swing set mulch, and don't hesitate to contact us with questions!



  • Ways to Encourage Playtime on the Swing Set

    Ways to Encourage Children to Play Outside on the Backyard Swing Set

    A backyard swing set is a must-have for most families these days. The kids have a safe place where they can get active and have fun day after day. Mom and dad have the security of knowing the kids are just outside the kitchen window. And of course, the opportunities for new and exciting play are nothing short of abundant. The playset is the type of investment that pays for itself -- and then some -- in the long-run.

    Still, the day might come when it's difficult to tear the kids away from the video games or tablet. If that's the case, we have a few suggestions that will help you get the little ones to return to regular play on their beloved backyard swing set.

    • Encourage swing set playtime with a friend. This can include spontaneous evening get-togethers, scheduled playtime during the weekends, and more.
    • Encourage your children to play on the swing set with you. This is a great parent-child activity that presents an opportunity for both you and your child to get physical activity.
    • Encourage outdoor activity as a time away from devices and homework, and a time that can be used to focus on relaxing.
    • Incorporate a playtime activity into each season. For example, in the fall season you can incorporate playtime into your child’s other favorite activities such as raking, playing in a pile of leaves, enjoying a cup of warm apple cider, etc.
    • Use the outdoor swing set as the main attraction for your next gathering. Whether you're hosting a Halloween party, birthday bash, or a spring or summer barbecue, the playset is the perfect place for a group of kids to play. Plus, depending on the occasion, you can add decorations to the swing set to make your backyard a bit more festive.
    • Make swing set personalization an ongoing process. This means allowing the kids to add their own creative touches to the clubhouse, playhouse and/or tree house. Think stickers, a nearby flower garden, toy dishes for the built-in picnic table, and more.

    Playing on the backyard swing set doesn't have to be predictable. With these tips, you'll be able to nudge the children to spend even more time outside, without them knowing it!

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