4 Outdoor Summer Date Night Ideas for Parents

Take some time for yourself and your partner this summer with a date night! You don’t have to go somewhere fancy and spend lots of money to make some time for yourself either. All you really need is someone to take your kids for the evening, some wine, and your backyard. Date nights just got easier with our 4 summer date night ideas for busy parents!

#1 : A affordable and romantic date night (and you don’t even have to leave your house) is to set up a picnic and movie in your own backyard. Grab an old blanket and some pillows, pull out the leftovers (or make a meal from scratch), string up some white Christmas lights, and you are halfway there! Once you have set up your picnic and gotten the right ambiance you are ready for your movie! Grab a white sheet and hang it from your trampoline or swing set to create a movie screen. With almost no cost and very little preparation time,  you have set up a romantic, quite, night in with your love! If you don’t have the capability to set up a movie outside you can always snuggle on the couch with an indoor movie for 2!

#2: Invite your favorite couple friends over for a Game Date Night! Have everyone bring their favorite childhood game and play the night away! With great music, outdoor lighting, and some wine, you can laugh your summer evenings away reliving the good old days before cell phones. This is a great way to socialize with your friends, relive childhood memories and enjoy your backyard! You can even ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer to help cut down on food costs. There are so many easy modifications that can be made for this date night idea, and it is perfect for warm summer evenings!

#3: Backyard camping! Drag that old camping tent out of your garage and camp in the comfort and luxury of your backyard. If you don’t have a tent you can cover the surface of your kids trampoline in blankets and pillows or hang up sheets to make a tent out of your swing set. Once you have your housing for the evening you can bring flashlights and your favorite snacks for an evening of chatting, cuddling, and relaxing. Listen to the crickets to fall asleep or bring your own music! If you have an outdoor fire pit you can even roast marshmallows and remonstrance on childhood years!

#4: Experiment on your BBQ! Ever wondered about the crazy (and potentially delicious) concoctions you can come up with on your grill? A grill can be used for more than just meat. Experiment with vegetables and even fruits! Whether you are grilling up zucchini logs, corn on a stick, or peaches, you can have a fun evening of taste testing, laughing and private time with your partner.

Date nights don’t have to be expensive or hard. Use your backyard to your advantage and create romantic, fun, unique date nights in the comfort of your own home.