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  • 7 Reasons to Buy a Backyard Jungle Gym

    When it comes to entertaining the kids, nothing compares to having a backyard jungle gym at home. Jungle gyms offer endless playtime, plus plenty of opportunities to enhance independence and socialization.

    In order to help our customers understand all the benefits of a swing set, we've created an infographic. Here's a quick summary of all the advantages of a backyard jungle gym.

    • Exercise: An active child is a happy one -- and a healthy one. Jungle gyms help children get into a routine of outdoor exploration that hopefully lasts a lifetime. During an hour of running, climbing and swinging, your child not only burns calories, but also improves athletic skills.
    • Sharing: Whether your children have siblings or neighbors or friends, the nature of the backyard jungle gym reinforces the idea of taking turns. Since many swing sets have a single slide, a single rock wall, a single set of monkey bars, etc., children simply must share. Of course, having mom and dad there to issue sharing reminders as needed is helpful, but you should also know that the kids will probably surprise you and navigate turn-taking amongst themselves.
    • Imagination: It won't take long for the kids to put on their creative caps and turn the jungle gym into a pirate ship at sea, a castle, a fort or a secret hideaway. Sit back and relax while you listen to the kids use their imagination. We guarantee you'll enjoy yourself just as much as they enjoy themselves.
    • Bonding: Our motto is "Creating Childhood Memories" for a reason. But we have to admit, the memories created around the jungle gym are shared by the whole family. Maybe mom and dad join in every now and then for a quick zip down the slide. Or perhaps grandma and grandpa enjoy nothing more than giving the little ones a push. A quality jungle gym will be sturdy enough so that even adults can enjoy it.

    We hope you check out the infographic below for additional information on the benefits of jungle gyms.

    Eastern Jungle Gym Backyard Jungle Gym Infographic

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